Environmentally sustainable irrigation system

Drip irrigation is more versatile than many people realize. The ability to choose the amount of water you want at an individual plant, and manner of release of the water, gives the drip irrigation system the capacity be uniquely customized for a particular grower’s needs. One system can integrate multiple appropriate drip irrigation methods and still utilize the same timer, filter, regulators and fertilizer injectors. The capabilities of a customized drip irrigation system makes it ideal for large multi-vegetable family gardens, greenhouses, and potted plants on patios. Poolside landscaping is perfect for drip irrigation, as the release of water does not overspray into the pool or interfere with pool usage. For determining what type of drip irrigation method you need, be sure to contact us with any questions you might have about which particular tubing, filter, timer, or emitter we recommend for your distinct needs. Our phone number is 517.458.9741. We offer a full range of individual emitters and drippers, misters, micro-sprayers, mini-sprinklers, emitter tubings, and drip tapes. We supply filters, pressure regulators, water timers, fertilizer injectors, tools, and accessories to get you started installing a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation kits, replacement parts, add-on parts, or complete system designs are all available from IrrigationSupplyParts.com online or give us a call.

The value behind installing a drip irrigation system is that you can significantly reduce the amount of water you waste, saving time, energy, and reducing top soil run-off.  With drip irrigation you can place a precise amount of water where you need it. This prevents overwatering, conserving water, and saving you money. Less over-watering will also reduce weeding, as overspray often waters unwelcome plants. The other value is that you can directly feed your plants from the same watering system, allowing for easy fertilization, as well as utilizing it for measured distribution of other compounds needed to maintain plant health.

If you are not sure about changing from hand watering to installing a drip system, consider that a drip irrigation system will not only save you water, but time, potentially eliminating hours of hand watering, moving sprinklers and hoses, and carrying around or refilling water containers. Drip irrigation can monitor and manage your landscape when you are not home, allowing for easy vacation planning, or leaving for extended stays elsewhere. You can easily add a fertilizer injector into your system and be capable of growing better, healthier plants at the same time as watering them. A fully automated timer can be programmed to meet your needs exactly, and altered easily should you find you need to make changes. Many drip irrigation products are compatible with your cell phone, and allow for remote monitoring and programming.

Drip irrigation systems can be used just about anywhere, and this allows a smaller system to be as effective and affordable as developing large-scale drip irrigation systems for vegetable fields, row crops, commercial greenhouses, orchards, or vineyards. Utilizing drip irrigation in your landscape at home or business provides you with new options for hillsides that struggle to retain water, or walkways were pedestrian traffic makes sprinklers unwanted. For the beginner who is considering making the change to drip irrigation, don’t be intimidated trying to figure out what is right for you. Just send us an email or give us a call.

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