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Irrigation systems constantly have to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Whether on golf courses or farm fields, they must be repaired and/or reconfigured on a regular basis. Clamps make this work possible but even they need periodic replacement to ensure their maximum effectiveness. We can supply all of your clamping needs, large and small, from Band-It Clamps to secure Ringlock Clamps vital to the irrigating process in a variety of different sizes to fit most pipes or hoses.

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We Have 30 Years of Experience Providing Our Customers With the Highest Quality, Most Reliable, Energy Efficient Irrigation, Wastewater, Manure and Fertilizer Parts and Equipment.

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  • Felton Ringlock Clamp


    Steel locking clamp used to connect Felton ringlock type fittings.

    Only available in either 6" or 8".

    This clamp does not work on any other type of ringlock fitting because it is too large in diameter. 

  • Pierce Ringlock Clamp

    This Pierce Ringlock Clamp is designed to be used on steel couplers and fittings. Please see inside dimensions listed for each size of clamp to assist you in deciding if this is the correct clamp for your specific use. To be used with Pierce type couplers and fittings. Brand Name: PiercePierce Logo
  • Travis Ringlock Clamp

    Travis Ringlock Clamp is used to connect aluminum (or sometimes steel) ringlock/circle lock type fittings. To be used with aluminum Travis/Rainway type fittings and couplers. Brand Name: TravisTravisPatternLogo
  • Sale!
    Reliable Superex T-Bolt Hose Clamps are a must when you are in the field. Whether you are maintaining your irrigation system, or building a fertilizer system, these clamps are a sure fit for your project!  Heavy duty clamp for heavy-gauge reinforced hoses used for agricultural and industrial usage.
  • Spiral Double Bolt Clamp specifically designed for our Tigerflex PVC Suction Hose. They also work well with other counterclockwise spiral hose and rubber suction hose. Zinc plated carbon steel Two or more clamps are suggested for 3" ID and larger hoses Both hex nuts should be tightened equally to prevent leakage Caution:  proper evaluation of holding power for each clamp must be determined for each individual application We do have access to Spiral Clamps for Clockwise Spiral Hoses, but do not stock them.  Please call for more information. Brand Name: KuriyamaKuriyama Logo
  • Double Bolt Clamp

    Double bolt, zinc plated, ductile iron hose clamps. Great for higher pressure hoses and connections.  Designed to be used with hose barbs with a raised bead. The inside edge of the clamp is concave to meet the raised part of the hose barb providing a secure connection. Great for layflat discharge and mainline hoses!Kuriyama Logo Brand Name:  Kuriyama
  • Looking for a more permanent clamp for your hose connection? These stainless steel center punch clamps are just what you're looking for. Your hose connection will be double wrapped using 201 stainless steel and will lock in place using the impact from a hammer on a cone like punch. BandItLogo