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Easy do it yourself drip irrigation kits. All the parts you need to get started, order add-ons as you go!


Where it can be utilized, drip irrigation is the most efficient means of watering your crops. It assures more water reaches the roots of your plants without being wasted into the air. We offer four sizes of Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation Kits for your garden as well as the Irri-Gator Landscape Micro Drip Irrigation Kit for your landscaping needs.

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  • Poly Tubing for Drip Irrigation Systems

    Polyethylene distribution tubing does not have built-in emitters. This rigid 1" tubing may be used to bring water to the garden or for the mainline to avoid any unnecessary water usage.

  • 5/8" 8mil .25 GPH @ 12" W/ FLAP 1000' , OR .42 GPM PER 100' OF DRIP TAPE

  • Gator2000kit, Gator2000, Gator 2000
    What sets the Gater 2000 apart is its complete and easy to assemble Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation System, which has been proven successful in gardens and commercial agriculture for many years. The Gator 2000 has all the power of a commercial irrigation system, but made for home use. The Gator 2000 delivers a constant, steady drip and flow throughout the system, providing water to each of your plants along the entire line. Economical and efficient, easy to use, and professional grade quality, the Gator 2000 is the right choice for many home projects. Each Gator 2000 Kit includes:
    • Drip tubing: two 1,000-foot rolls
    • Hose swivel
    • Filter
    • Pressure regulator
    • Adaptor
    • Two clamps
    • Punch tool
    • Fittings: 20 perma-loc x barb fittings
    • Insert plug
    • Teflon tape: one roll
    • Two perma-loc couplings
    • Installation instructions
    To get started on a Gator 2000 system, homeowners must first ensure the system can be connected to a low-flow water source of 8 GPM. This kit includes the low-flow pressure regulator that accomplishes this. Each drip irrigation kit includes installation instructions. We carry a add-on fittings and tubing, as well as replacement parts. According to The United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service: Microirrigation is suited to virtually all agricultural crops, and residential and commercial landscape systems. Microirrigation is also suited to steep slopes where other methods would cause excessive erosion, and areas where other application devices interfere with cultural operations. Microirrigation is suited for use in providing irrigation water in limited amounts to establish desired vegetation such as windbreaks, living snow fences, riparian forest buffers, and wildlife plantings. This practice standard applies to systems that wet only a specific area (e.g., an individual plant or tree) and typically have design discharge rates less than 60 gal/hr at individual application discharge points. Download Here: CONSERVATION PRACTICE STANDARD IRRIGATION SYSTEM, MICROIRRIGATION CODE 441  
  • Gator 1000 Kit, Gator1000kit, Gator 1000
    Serious gardeners need a serious irrigation system, and the Gator 1000 system offers the perfect solution. The Gator 1000 is an expandable kit that waters up to 2,000 square feet. That's as many as ten rows of 100’ each with as much as five feet between them. Have plans to grow a garden even further? No worries. The Gator 1000 can be expanded to provide irrigation to additional rows. Each Gator 1000 Kit includes:
    • Drip tubing: one 1000-foot roll
    • Distribution tubing: one 50-foot roll
    • Tees: eight perma-loc tees
    • Two perma-loc elbows
    • Two perma-loc couplings
    • Regulator/screen assembly
    • Installation instructions
    The Gator 1000 system will fit most 2,000 square foot gardens, but  different garden designs require additional fittings. We carry all additional add-on and replacement parts you need!      
  • For growing flower beds, the Gator 250 offers an efficient, affordable irrigation solution. The kit can accommodate gardens of up to 500 square feet, allowing as many as six separate rows spaced as much as four feet from each other and spanning 38 feet in length each. Because kits can be expanded, homeowners can grow their gardens over time without having to purchase an entirely new kit. At a price of only $85.50, the Gator 250 also won't stretch the family budget. Each Gator 250 Kit includes: For homeowners who cringe at the thought of bringing out a toolbox for an afternoon of putting together an irrigation system, Gator 250 promises worry-free installation. With merely a pair of scissors and one page of instructions included with the kit, homeowners can set up the system and have it running in minutes. While the Gator 250 is designed to handle the vast majority of 500 square foot gardens, our professional team can work with homeowners to put together a system that works specifically with their own gardens. This customization also extends to any growth after the system has been put in place. If, at any time, a homeowner wants to add on to an existing Gator 250 irrigation system, our professionals will recommend the tubing and fittings necessary for an efficient expansion. Whether a consumer wants to hook up a Gator 250 to a natural water source or water provided by local utilities, our staff can come up with an affordable design. By completing the Irrigation Design Worksheet, a homeowner can request a Gator 250 system that meets their own individual needs. The consistent flow of water to a garden's plants will help them grow and flourish in any location. logo_iri  
  • For flower beds smaller than 200 square feet, the Gator 100 irrigation kit is a great way to keep soil moist without using excess water. At a cost of only $54.60, the Gator 100 can bring irrigation to flower beds with as many as four separate rows spanning 22’ in length. Each row can be separated from the next by as much as four feet for the Gator 100 to be effective. Each Gator 100 Kit includes: No toolkit is required to install the Gator 100 kit. In fact, homeowners can get started with nothing more than a pair of scissors and