Oval Hose

Oval Hose / Max-Flat Hose

Larger diameter Oval Hose and Max-Flat Hose is typically used as main & sub-main and smaller diameter as laterals in drip / micro irrigation system.

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  • 5/8" 8mil .25 GPH @ 12" W/ FLAP 1000' , OR .42 GPM PER 100' OF DRIP TAPE

  • Oval Hose, Flatube, Mainline Hose Oval Hose, Flatube, Mainline Hose

    Oval Hose

    Larger diameter used as main & sub-main and smaller diameter as laterals in drip/micro irrigation system.
    • 2" Oval Hose with 0.051" Wall/21 PSI.  450' roll
    • 3" Oval Hose with 0.076" Wall/21 PSI.  200' roll
    • 4" Oval Hose with 0.100" Wall/21 PSI.  130' roll
    Jain Oval Hose is manufactured from virgin LLDPE using advanced extrusion technology. The characteristics of LLDPE provide durable tubing with close dimensional tolerances. Once pressurized Jain Oval Hose becomes 98% round. Brand Name: Jain JainLogo