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Irrigation Supplies

We Have 30 Years of Experience Providing Our Customers With the Highest Quality, Most Reliable, Energy Efficient Irrigation, Wastewater, Manure and Fertilizer Parts and Equipment.

We specialize in making irrigation more convenient by providing you with easy online ordering, fast shipping, simple account management, great customer service, expert product advice, help with product selection, ordering, and quick quotes. We carry the best brands with the latest technology for your system upgrades and carry the replacement parts you need to keep your systems operating at their peak. Contact us today info@irrigationsupplyparts.com

  • Poly Tubing for Drip Irrigation Systems

    Polyethylene distribution tubing does not have built-in emitters. This rigid 1" tubing may be used to bring water to the garden or for the mainline to avoid any unnecessary water usage.

  • 5/8" 8mil .25 GPH @ 12" W/ FLAP 1000' , OR .42 GPM PER 100' OF DRIP TAPE

  • Aqua Spray Stakes, Aqua Spray Sticks, Spray Sticks, Jain Irrigation Aqua Spray Stakes, Aqua Spray Sticks, Spray Sticks, Jain Irrigation
    Aqua Spray Sticks are engineered to provide an irrigation system that delivers both high performance and dependability. Ease-of-use, performance, and low-cost makes Aqua Spray Sticks an ideal product line for greenhouses, nurseries, and orchards. Simplicity in design and easy installation mean lower labor and material costs.  Sold in packs of 100 each. We only stock black and green spray sticks at this time.  Please call us for additional options / special orders at (517)458-9741.  
  • CETA PC Emitter, Emitter Emitter
    Color coded for easy flow identification, the Jain Ceta PC Emitter is a take-apart point source emitter with a separate barb for inlet and outlet installations. The Ceta PC Emitters self-flushing and insect baffle make it an ideal candidate for nursery and agricultural applications. PC stands for Pressure Compensating. Sold in packs of 100 each. Brand: Jain  
  • PC Emitter (CNL Feature) is an emitter with a separate barb for inlet and outlet installations. PC stands for Pressure Compensating while CNL stands for Closed No Leak.  These emitters open at 5.5 PSI and close at 4.3 PSI. Sold in packs of 100 each. Click here to view Irritec's product brochure. Brand: Irritec  
  • 50-17135443 Super 10 Revolver, Rotating Sprinkler, Jain Super 10 Revolver - 25 Degree
    Super 10 Revolver, 25 Degree Rotating Sprinkler  We stock two models at this time, but would be happy to special order any other models to meet your needs. Brand: Jain  
  • Signature 1973 Whiz Head Rotary Sprinkler is ideal for riser installations in planting areas.  It has a 1⁄2" (1,27 cm) female threaded inlet.  These sprinklers are made of high-impact corrosion resistant plastic.  Stainless steel bearing and large orifice nozzle.  Made in the USA. Brand Name: Signature Control Systems