Foreign materials (sand, dirt, trash) in your irrigation system can cost you big bucks. Inline water filters are one the best means of avoiding these costs. Trash and debris in your irrigation supply causes wear on pump parts and can also clog vital outlets. Rebuilding pumps and cleaning these outlets are costly and time consuming. Luckily, both can be avoided by using an easy to clean Spin Clean Inline Water Filter which features a stainless steel screen and spinning action to keep the debris in suspension.

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  • 2" x 2" Threaded "Y" Strainer with 50 Mesh Poly Ribbed Stainless Steel Screen.  Made out of a heavy-duty and durable polypropylene.

    Lightweight. Precision molded construction. High volume. Constructed of glass filled polypropylene. Clean-out plug.

    *Remember to check out our full line of Banjo Fittings! Brand Name: BanjoBanjoLogo-Cropped
  • Irritec Filter, 1" Filter Irritec Filter, 1" Filter
    1" Mini ROTO Filter 150 Mesh The flush cap is removable to allow for a 1" Ball Valve to be attached. Brand Name: Irritec
  • 2" Plastic Filter with Flush Valve - Economy 2" Plastic Filter with Flush Valve - Economy
    • Filtering Element - 155 mesh stainless steel screen
    • Constructed from chemical resistant polypropylene reinforced with fiber glass
    • Pre-molded pressure taps
    • Threaded cover closure - easy to use / no tools required
    • Includes flush valve
    Brand Name: Irritec
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    Amiad Mini Sigma - Vertical Amiad Mini Sigma
    • Reliable and durable
    • Amiad’s unique suction-scanner cleaning technology
    • Modular design with various installation configurations
    • Polymeric filter – corrosion free
    • Low water and energy consumption
    • Compact design and small footprint
    • Easy installation and low maintenance
    • Ideal for many landscape and agricultural irrigation applications
    • Amiad’s innovative and user-friendly ADI-P electronic controller, operated by a mobile app for advanced monitoring capabilities
    • Additional sizes and configurations available upon request
    Brand Name: AmiadAmiad Logo
  • Plastic Spin Clean Filter

    Plastic Spin Clean Filter
    • No moving parts
    • Unique Spin Clean® action keeps the screen clean during operation
    • Engineered plastic construction is light in weight and resistant to corrosion and injected chemicals
    • Two piece threaded housing with O-ring seal for easy screen access and maintenance
    • Vinyl screen collars prevent debris from by-passing filter area
    • Available with ball valve for flushing debris basin
    • Only 5-8 psi pressure loss required across filter to ensure best self cleaning action
    Brand Name: JainJainLogo
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    3 Inch Tagline Filter Drawing 3 Inch Tagline Filter
    • Easy maintenance and minimal manual cleaning required
    • Algae growth prevention & corrosion resistance
    • High-quality mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
    • Low pressure loss
    • Interchangeable filter elements for a wide range of flow rates, filtration degrees and irrigation applications
    • Additional sizes available upon request
    Brand Name: AmiadAmiad Logo