• 6" Electromagnetic Flow Converter by KROHNE

    The IFC 100 can be freely combined with KROHNE's entire standard series of electromagnetic flowmeters. The IFC 100 was designed for applications requiring an economical measuring solution with a high level of technology. KROHNE offers its customers a comprehensive application and process diagnostics package far beyond what device diagnostics normally offer. These devices continually measure all decisive parameters and convey information about the condition of the device, the quality of the measured value and potential application errors. The user has a precise overview of the process at any given time –thus fulfilling from A to Z the constantly increasing requirements of an optimal process. With its resistance measurement and noise measurement, the IFC 100 lays the foundation for even more process transparency and reliably reports about: • Gas bubbles and detection of solids • Changing or excessively low conductivity (e.g. during change of media or empty tube) • Deposits on electrodes • Electrode corrosion • Too high media or ambient temperature Interested in viewing a product selection list of all the KROHNE flow measurement lines?
  • Product highlights

    • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turndown ratio: 1000:1)
    • PTFE, PFA, ETFE, hard rubber, soft rubber or PU liner: excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
    • Wide range of electrode materials
    • Special designs, sizes, inner diameters and liner thicknesses on request
    • Standard measurement accuracy: ±0.3% or ±1mm/s of measured value (MV)
    • Optional external coatings for offshore or subsoil installation (also acc. to ISO 12944)
    • Diagnostics incl. conductivity, electrode error, ambient and process temperature etc.
    • Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
    • On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool

    Typical applications

    • Standard applications with clean, aggressive or abrasive liquids
    Chemical and other process industries
    • Conductive fluid chemicals
    • Process water, cooling water
    Oil and gas industry
    • Water injection (high pressure)
    • Drilling mud
    • Produced water
    Minerals and mining industry
    • Hydrocyclone feed lines
    Pulp and paper industry
    • Chemicals (black liquor, bleach, etc.)
    Wastewater industry
    • Irrigation
    • Sludge and sewage treatment
    Interested in viewing a product selection list of all the KROHNE flow measurement lines?