Aluminum Tubing Replacement Gaskets

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Aluminum Tubing Replacement Gaskets


High quality, molded rubber gaskets to prevent leaks and seal joints in farm and commercial watering systems.  At, we know how important it is to find just the right gaskets for your irrigation system. Which is why we carry a wide variety of high quality shaped gaskets to create perfect seals at every joint of your aluminum tubing watering system.

We carry over a dozen different types of custom molded gaskets for fittings by brands such as Champion, Gheen, and Shur-Rane. Each type of gasket comes in various sizes, from 2″ all the way to 8″, to further ensure a tighter fit at every coupling. Every one of the rubber gaskets is also made with durable, high performance materials, like neopreneethylene-propylene (EPDM), and silicone that are designed to resist cracking and last longer even under extreme pressure and weather conditions.

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