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Hoses – Suction & Discharge

Durable Hoses to Meet All Your Irrigation Needs

We offer a wide variety of hoses to meet almost any irrigation or pumping application. We feature durable Tigerflex Hoses that can be used in any number of different applications and a variety of lay flat hoses that are easily stored and transferred. We even stock Polyair Multi-Purpose Hoses that you can use in a variety of ways and Mill Discharge Hoses that will last for quite some time. Of course, the hoses are no good if you can’t connect them so we also carry all of the hose clamps, adapters and couplings that you need to put them together.  Below are samples of some of the hoses we have in stock. 


Tigerflex “TSD”                           Tigerflex “Yellow”                           Tigerflex “WST”                          VinylFlow                 VinylGreen

Due to the size and bulk of shipping suction hoses, we have chosen to not sell them on our website at this time. do stock plenty of sizes and styles of Kuriyama’s Tigerflex Brand Hose.  Please call us for more information as well as pricing and availability.

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