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  • Aqua Spray Sticks are engineered to provide an irrigation system that delivers both high performance and dependability. Ease-of-use, performance, and low-cost makes Aqua Spray Sticks an ideal product line for greenhouses, nurseries, and orchards. Simplicity in design and easy installation mean lower labor and material costs. ¬†Sold in packs of 100 each. We only stock black and green spray sticks at this time. ¬†Please call us for additional options / special orders at (517)458-9741.  
  • Color coded for easy flow identification, the Jain Ceta PC Emitter is a take-apart point source emitter with a separate barb for inlet and outlet installations. The Ceta PC Emitters self-flushing and insect baffle make it an ideal candidate for nursery and agricultural applications. PC stands for Pressure Compensating. Sold in packs of 100 each. Brand: Jain