CETA PC Emitter – 100 Pack

>>>CETA PC Emitter – 100 Pack

CETA PC Emitter – 100 Pack


Color coded for easy flow identification, the Jain Ceta PC Emitter is a take-apart point source emitter with a separate barb for inlet and outlet installations. The Ceta PC Emitters self-flushing and insect baffle make it an ideal candidate for nursery and agricultural applications. PC stands for Pressure Compensating.

Sold in packs of 100 each.

Brand: Jain



The 0.5 GPH and 1.0 GPH Emitters (Pressure Compensating) deliver a consistent output of water, even with changes in pressure due to long runs of drip tubing or elevation changes. These emitters are self-flushing and less likely to clog than non-pressure compensating drippers. A removable top makes cleaning them simple.

This emitter may be inserted in 1/2″ supply tubing by using a 1/4″ punch tool or installed at the end of 1/4″ distribution tubing or 1/4″ dripper line due to its 1/4″ barb (also known as a 250 barb) on one end.

An emitter like this allows you to get water to exact locations unlike drip tubing which has built-in emitters spaced evenly in the tubing.  For example, you could have a 1/2″ distribution tubing running through your landscape bed.  If a planting is near this tubing, you can insert an emitter near the planting.  Another option is to install a 1/4″ insert coupler in the 1/2″ distribution tubing to connect a 1/4″ dripper line to it.  This line can then be run in and around plantings.  At the end of the dripper line, install an emitter.  This will allow you to irrigate the area.  There are multiple options for installation using dripper line, distribution tubing and emitters.  This is a pack of 100 emitters.  Choose your flow rate (0.5 GPH or 1.0 GPH).

Product Features

  • Color-coded for easy flow rate identification
  • 1/4″ inlet and outlet barb
  • Self-flushing action with insect baffle to minimize blockage
  • Take-apart design for easy inspection and cleaning


  • Operating range: 15-50 PSI
  • Flow rates: 0.5 and 1.0 GPH
  • Minimum filtration: 150 mesh

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Brand Name

Jain Irrigation


Black 1.0 GPH, Red 0.5 GPH

Drip Irrigation

Emitters & Sprinklers


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