92-P1-50825-12F-1000′ Drip Tape


5/8″ 8mil .25 GPH @ 12″ W/ FLAP 1000′ , OR .42 GPM PER 100′ OF DRIP TAPE


 Premium light dripperline product
with innovative technologies that result
in the following benefits to the grower:
Dripper Characteristics
• Seamless construction is stronger and more durable.
• P1 is manufactured using the highest quality engineering grade polyethylene resins available in
the market today, producing a high strength and abrasion resistant product.
• P1 is made with injection molded drippers. Molded drippers offer a high degree of plug
resistance, lower coefficient of variation, resulting in highly uniform water distribution.
• Outlet Flap is Standard. Outlet flap protects the emission device. Opens under pressure
allowing flow and closes on shut down to reduce root intrusion and soil ingestion.
With the flap you can feel confident installing P1 in above or below ground applications.
• Integrated inlet filters add additional protection against clogging


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 in

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