*Note: This picture shows a gauge with the gauge protector – this is for the gauge protector only*

The BEC Gauge Protector isolates harmful media from gauges and other pressure instruments. Media such as corrosive fertilizer, slurries and chemicals that can destroy or plug the gauge are separated from the gauge with a flexible diaphragm. The top of the gauge protector is aluminum and has a 1/4” NPT female port on it for connection to a pressure gauge or other instrument. The bottom is aluminum with a 1/4” NPT female port.

Protect equipment from corrosive materials, hot or cold liquids, slurries, paints, fuel or oils and other media that may clog or damage. Fertilizer sprayers • Mining slurries • Concrete slurries • Manure spreaders and sprayers • Isolate media from monitor stations • Pumping media harmful to gauges • Harmful tank media head pressure

Features – 1/4” NPT aluminum female top port • Flexible fluorocarbon (VITON) diaphragm • Easy field gauge replacement • Wide range of fill fluid can be used • Durable housing