We have the Sure-Flo foot valves you need, 45 degree flanged OD tubing, female thread, and companion flange all sizes; as well as vertical OD tubing, female thread, and companion flange. Made entirely from aluminum except for the bolts, rubber gaskets and valve flapper, this valve is light in weight yet sturdy and efficient. Save 15% off using this coupon code 759KW9QP.

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Sure Flo Vertical Foot Valve

*When the pump is off, and the foot valve’s flapper is closed or seated against the valve’s seat ring, the flapper and the seat ring should be at an angle. If the suction line is flat or horizontal (floating parallel with the surface of the water) you would use a 45° foot valve.

*If there is some drop angle to the suction line, you would use a vertical or straight valve.

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Screen DimensionsHeightDiameter
2″ basic valves2-5/8″5″
3″ basic valves4-1/2″6″
4″ basic valves6-1/2″7-1/4″
5″ basic valves7-3/8″8-3/8″
6″ basic valves8-3/8″9-1/4″
8″ basic valves13-1/2″11-1/4″
10″ basic valves21″13-5/8″
12″ basic valves36″22″