Sprinkler Irrigation is often the best solution for crops, landscapes, golf courses, or sports turf. Utilizing sprinklers for irrigation does not limit your choices. Sprinkler irrigation can be a mini gun which is a travelling, self-propelled sprinkler with a rubber hose for connecting to the water supply, but also mounted on a wheel for mobility. Another option is the solid set or stationary system with underground pipelines for the water supply, but a stationary system, the sprinklers nozzles are elevated above ground. A portable hand line, hand-moved sprinkler system can also be effective for short-term use or for small areas. Large volume or big gun sprinklers are also utilized on some crops.

Sprinkler systems will distribute water volumes differently depending on your selections. To decide how you will need to schedule your irrigating, remember that different types of soil are capable of retaining varying amounts of water. Different soil textures have different water-holding capacities. Clay is the finest; sand is the coarsest. Clay soils are best irrigated for longer periods with lower application rates. Clay soil will hold more water than course soil, which has a higher ratio of sand and rocks. Sandy or rocky soils will  take half an inch of water to appropriately saturate a foot of soil, as compared to a full inch needed for clay or loam soil. The finer soil particles found in clay hold more water than coarse soil particles, and have a lower water intake rate. Plan the timing of your sprinkler irrigation system to apply only the amounts of water you need for your particular soil type. When determining what type of soil you are planning to irrigate, remember to only consider the soil to a depth that crop roots will spread.

Sprinkler Selection Guidance:

Mini gun sprinkler systems: Use for irrigation of a small area by moving a portable sprinkler with a wide application.
*Mini gun systems have a sprinkler attached to a water reel on wheels. The water reel is connected to the water supply hose.

Solid set sprinkler systems: There are two types portable and permanent.
*A variety of sprinkler heads can be attached to either type. A solid set sprinkler irrigation system is made up of the vertical pipe or sprinkler risers, which are spaced evenly across a horizontal pipe running on the ground. 

Portable solid set sprinkler system- allows you to utilize them in various locations for livestock and crop rotation, as well as relocate them for convenience.

Permanent solid set sprinkler system- allows for easier automation due to one permanent location and requires less labor irrigating, but does not allow for convenient removal as needed.
*Permanent solid set systems less common because risers can be difficult to mow around and the permanent above-ground risers do not allow for flexibility in crops grown.

Big Volume-Big Gun Sprinklers- are utilized in several mobile applications and are designed with nozzles you can select separately and are changeable, or replaceable.


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